In the period 1982 - 1984, Enzo Biagi collaborates with Retequattro, the private television founded by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore.

During this period, supported by a very valuable team of collaborators,  he firstly realized the series THE GREAT INTERVIEWS with protagonists such as General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa; Michele Sindona; Maria Jose of Savoia; Clara Calvi wife of banker Roberto; Woody Allen in New York; Toni Negri before and during the hiding.


Also the adventurous interview with Stefano delle Chiaie, a fugitive for the Piazza Fontana massacre, and the first interview with the first repentant of the Red Brigades Patrizio Peci dell'Aprile of 1983.

He also conducted FILM STORY, produced in collaboration with the TSI, the SwissTelevision,  built on the scheme of debate of a subject. 

Among the testimonies stand out that of the journalist Giuseppe Fava, killed by the mafia the week after the interview and that of Donatella Colasanti, survivor of the Circeo massacre.

Last but not least the series of 6 episodes RITRATTI, created in collaboration with the director Sandro Bolchi: protagonists are Enzo Ferrari, Luciano Pavarotti, Federico Fellini, Carla Fracci, Vittorio Gassman and Ugo Tognazzi.

Also part of this collaboration with Bolchi is the 6-episode series dedicated to the Teatro alla Scala, and the one dedicated to the Arena di Verona.


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