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An important part of the AccasFilm Archive is made up of interviews and specials by Enzo Biagi, and more, produced for Arnoldo Mondadori Editore.

At the end of the 1970s, the publishing house embarked on the television adventure by producing original content, under the Telemond brand, which it distributes through a circuit of private broadcasters.

Thus were born THE GREAT INTERVIEWS by Enzo Biagi, which include among the first protagonists, General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa and the then President of the Republic Sandro Pertini (1981).

It is precisely from that circuit of private broadcasters in the early days of 1982 that Retequattro was born, with which Enzo Biagi continues to collaborate and realizes, with the director Sandro Bolchi, the series RITRATTI: six episodes starring Enzo Ferrari, Luciano Pavarotti, Federico Fellini, Carla Fracci, Vittorio Gassman and Ugo Tognazzi.

The two-episode miniseries dedicated to the Verona Arena and the six-episode series dedicated to the Teatro alla Scala are also part of the collaboration with Bolchi.

In 1983 Biagi continues the series of GREAT INTERVIEWS: Michele Sindona in an American prison, Stefano Delle Chiaie in the Bogotà savannah, Patrizio Peci in his first interview after repentance. And again Woody Allen, Toni Negri, Maria Josè and the lineage of the House of Savoy, the wife of Roberto Calvi, Giulio Andreotti.

In the same year, during the special   "Red Line" Biagi, first of all, announces the airing of the video, broadcast by the Red Brigades, of the proletarian trial and the subsequent death sentence of Roberto Peci, but the video is seized at the request of Peci's sister and will be broadcast only later.

He also realizes the FILM STORY transmission built on the well-established program of broadcasting a film and consequent debate with guests, in collaboration with Swiss Television. Among the testimonies, that of the journalist Giuseppe Fava, killed by the mafia the week after the interview and that of Donatella Colasanti, who survived the Circeo massacre, stand out.

In 1984 the director of Retequattro, Carlo Freccero, announced FORBIDDEN the new program by Enzo Biagi focused on issues at the time gory, such as drugs, homosexuality, incest. In July of that same year, Mondadori sold the broadcaster and the program, which is still under construction, to Fininvest and will never be broadcast.

A selection of the material, of which the AccasFilm Archive holds all the materials and related rights, is available on the channelYouTube.

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